• TMDV RAUVIET Leather Production Co., Ltd is owned by Ms Tran Thi Cam Van.
  • The CEO is ms To Thi Dieu with more than 12 years experience in leather products manufacturing and import export
  • The Production manager is Mr. Mea Jin Woo who is an expert comes from Korea and has over 20 years experience in the field of tanning and manufacturing of leather products.
  • The number of worker: 50 peoples
  • Production capity: 8,00010,000 pcs/1 month.
  • Export market: Japan, Korea, Australia,…


  1. Manufacturing and processing.
  2. Mass production according to customer’s samples.
  3. Supplying high quality leather products such as: wallet, purse, clutch, bag, belt, credit card hold, watch belt, phone hoster, name tag,…
  4. Supplying high quality leather such as: crocodile leather, cow leather, ostrich leather, python and other raw materials.
  5. Consulting samples, materials.
  6. Logo: we can decorate logo according to Client’s requirement.
  7. Quality inspection and product finishin


The company has focused on researching and developing diverse models;
research on raw and materialsources in our country and aboard. We also invest in machinery and modern equipment
for production.


Buidling, developing and reinforcing a brand to meet and satisfy customer demand.

Developing TMDV RAUVIET is become a prestigious, quality and classy leather wallet brand.

Perfecting the business system, technical team and workers. Expansion scale and production system, improve product quality. The next year, expand production and development of leather footwear products.


TMDV RAUVIET is committed to the interests of custommers fisrt; ensuring customer’s benefits based on providing quality products and reasonable price

For employees: TMDV RAUVIET ensures a material and spiritual life and friendly working enviroment;development professional and cultural.

With the community: Commitment to fullfill obligations with the state budget, take care of social work, community work.